Yanfang Fan

fanyf06 [at] gatech.edu
Current Position: 
Assistant Professor, XJTU-HKUST Joint School of Sustainable Development
Educational Background: 
Post-Doctoral Fellow, 2012-2014


Educational Background

B.S. ChE, Tianjin University, 2006  

M.S.ChE, Tsinghua University, 2008  

PhD, ChE, University of Connecticut, 2012


Research Project Interests

Gas separation, CO2 capture, Polymeric membranes  


Current projects

Rapid Temperature Swing Adsorption Using Polymeric/Supported Composite Amine Hollow Fibers  


Climate change has been a global concern. The emission of CO2 is the major contributor to this issue. CO2 capture and storage technology is considered as an effective technology to reduce CO2 emission from industrial facilities. Rapid thermal temperature swing adsorption/desorption (RTSA) is one novel post combustion CO2 capture technology, which facilitates the nearly isothermal adsorption in hollow fiber sorbents along with heat integration during the entire process.

In this project, a variety of polymeric/supported composite amine hollow fiber sorbents are developed. My research is aimed at evaluating the dynamic swing adsorption/desorption performance of those hollow fiber sorbents in custom-built RTSA system, which is controlled by Labview. Heat and mass transfer kinetics are also investigated. The unique design of hollow fiber sorbents facilitate their fast thermal energy transfer between shell side flue gas and bore side cooling/heating agent. Meanwhile, open pore structure offers the good kinetics for CO2 adsorption in this sorbent. This novel post combustion capture technique will maximize energy savings and CO2 reductions.



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