Luiz Henrique Vieira

(678) 468-5960
lvieira7 [at]
416 Bunger-Henry Building
Mailing Address: 

School of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology
311 Ferst Dr. NW
Atlanta, GA 30332-0100

Research Position

Visiting PhD Student

Educational Background

B.S. Chemistry, Sao Paulo State University, Brazil, 2012

M.S. Chemistry, Sao Paulo State University, Brazil 2014     

Advisors Leandro Martins / Christopher W. Jones

Project Title: Selective oxidation of methanol over lamellar vanadosilicates catalysts.

Project Description

In this proposal, we intend to use the catalytic system based in a vanadosilicate lamellar precursor obtaining a pure microporous material from structure condensation by calcination, and a micro/mesoporous layered material from an exfoliation process. The catalysts will be characterized by N2 physisorption, diffuse reflectance UV-Vis spectroscopy in controlled atmospheres, temperature-programmed of reduction (TPR), and the methanol oxidation will be evaluated as a probe reaction comparing the catalytic test results with the reaction intermediates identified by in situ Fourier transformed infrared spectroscopy.


Vieira, L. H., Rodrigues, M. V., Martins L. "Seed-assisted behavior of zeolite crystallization." Química Nova2014, 37.9, 1515-1524.

Vieira, L. H., Carvalho, K. T., Urquieta-González, E. A., Pulcinelli, S. H., Santilli, C. V., Martins, L. “Effects of crystal size, acidity, and synthesis procedure on the catalytic performance of gallium and aluminum MFI zeolites in glycerol dehydration.” Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical2016, 422, 148-157.

Rasteiro, L. F., Vieira, L. H., Possato, L. G., Pulcinelli, S. H., Santilli, C. V., Martins, L. “Hydrothermal synthesis of Mo-V mixed oxides possessing several crystalline phases and their performance in the catalytic oxydehydration of glycerol to acrylic acid.” Catalysis Today2017in press.

Favorite hobbies? 

Playing volleyball

Favorite TV show/movie?

Breaking Bad