Dr. Sumit Bali

sumit.bali [at] chbe.gatech.edu
Current Position: 
Energizer Inc.
Educational Background: 
Research Scientist I, 2012-2015

Research Position in the Jones Group

Research Scientist I

Educational Background

PhD, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India


Prof. Christopher W. Jones

Project Title

CO2 capture from flue gas and ambient air (air capture) using novel sorbent systems


Patents and disclosures

1. Sumit Bali, Garima S. Bali, Ronald J. Pugmire, Richard D Ernst and Edward M. Eyring, “Ultra Small Synthetic Doped Ferrihydrite with Nanoflake Morphology for Synthesis of Alternative Fuels”, U.S. Patent Application No. 20110201702


2. Garima S. Bali, Sumit Bali, Ronald. J Pugmire and Edward M. Eyring, “Supercritical Pentane as an Extractant for Oil Shale”, U.S. Patent Application No.  20100032171


3. Patent application: Supported poly(allyl)amine and derivatives for co2 capture from flue gas or ultra-dilute gas streams such as ambient air or admixtures thereof., Ratayakorn KhunsupatChristopher W. Jones,Sumit Bali, US20140241966 A1



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18. Sumit Bali, Johannes P. Leisen, Guo Shiou, Carsten Sievers, Christpher W. Jones, “Aminosilanes grafted to basic alumina as CO2 adsorbents – role of grafting conditions in   creation of unique materials with improved  COadsorption properties, ChemSusChem,  Vol. 7, pp. 3145-3156, 2014.

19.  Linda Al-Hmoud, Sumit Bali, Shilpa Mahamulkar, Joseph Culligan, Christopher W. Jones, “On the homogeneity/heterogeneity of solid copper oxide precatalysts in the oxidative homocoupling of ethynylbenzene” Journal of Molecular Catalysis A, Vol. 395, pp. 521-514, 2014.

20. Fateme Rezaei, Miles A. Sakwa-Novak, Sumit Bali, Daniel M. Duncanson, Christopher W. Jones, “Shaping amine-based solid CO2 adsorbents: effects of pelletization pressure on the physical and chemical properties” Microporous & Mesoporous Materials,  Vol. 204,  pp. 34-42, 2014.


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