Hyung-Ju Kim

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School of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology
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Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute
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Ph.D. ChBE 2013
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Research Position

Ph D Student

Educational Background

Korea University

B.S. Chemical and Biological Engineering, 2008


Christopher Jones

Sankar Nair 

Project Title

Modified Mesoporous Silica Membranes for Separation Applications

Project Description

This project represents an effort to synthesize membranes of mesoporous silica materials, to functionalize these membranes with functional groups, and to study and optimize their performance in separation applications. The fabrication of mesoporous silicate films has long been of interest for a variety of applications. Through these pore sizes preclude direct application in molecular separation, it has been recently shown by Dr. Jones that mesoporous silica powder materials can be amine-functionalized to yield a high concentration of amine groups inside the pores. This in turns leads to an unusually high CO2 sorption capacity. Similar results may be expected for H2S sorption. While the current results hold high promise, it is a significant challenge to develop novel membrane technologies based on the above concept.


Selected Publications

1. K.S. Jang, H.J. Kim, J. R. Johnson, W.G. Kim, W. J. Koros, C. W. Jones, and S. Nair, "Modified-Mesoporous-Silica Gas Separation Membranes on Polymeric Hollow Fibers", Chemistry of Materials, 2011, 23, 3025-3028.


2. H.J. Kim, K.S. Jang, P. Galebach, C. Gilbert, G. Tompsett, W.C. Conner, C.W. Jones, and S. Nair “Seeded Growth, Silylation, and Organic/Water Separation Properties of MCM-48 Membranes”, Journal of Membrane Science, 2013, 427, 293-302.


3. H.J. Kim, N.A. Brunelli, A.J. Brown, K.S. Jang, J. R. Johnson, W. J. Koros, C. W. Jones, and S. Nair, “Silylated Mesoporous Silica Membranes on Polymeric Hollow Fiber Supports: Synthesis and Permeation Properties”, submitted 


4. H.J. Kim, W. Chaikittisilp, N.A. Brunelli, S.A. Didas, K.S. Jang, J. R. Johnson, W. J. Koros, C. W. Jones, and S. Nair, “Gas Permeation Properties of Aziridine-functionalized Mesoporous-Silica Membranes on Polymeric Hollow Fibers”, in preparation


Countries visited

Korea, USA, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands


Korean, English