Jeroen Lauwaert

jeroen.lauwaert [at]
Educational Background: 
Ghent University, Belgium

Research Position 
Visiting PhD student from Ghent University, Belgium

Educational Background
Master in Engineering: Chemical Technology at Ghent University, Belgium

Prof. Joris W. Thybaut

Project Title
Model based design of cooperative acid-base catalysts for aldol condensations

Project Description
Combining experimental data with kinetic modeling provides us the possibility to include more rational feedback in the catalyst design cycle which may enhance the discovery rate of new and better heterogeneous catalysts. Such a methodology will be applied in the design of cooperative acid base materials to catalyze an aldol condensation reaction, which is an important reaction exploited in fine chemicals production to create new C-C bonds and, hence, heavier and more complex molecules.


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2J. Lauwaert, E. De Canck, D. Esquivel, J. W. Thybaut, P. Van Der Voort, G. B. Marin, "Silanol-Assisted Aldol Condensation on Aminated Silica: Understanding the Arrangement of Functional Groups" ChemCatChem, 2014, 6, 255-264.

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4. J. Lauwaert, E. De Canck, D. Esquivel, P. Van der Voort, J. W. Thybaut, G. B. Marin, "Effects of Amine Structure and Base Strength on Acid-Base Cooperative Aldol Condensation” Catalysis Today, 2014 (Accepted)

Favorite food
Belgian fries and Belgian beer

Favorite hobbies
Scuba diving, swimming, jogging/running, going to concerts