Shilpa Mahamulkar

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Educational Background: 
Ph.D ChBE 2017

Research Position

PhD student  


B. Tech. Pharmaceutical Sciences (ICT, Mumbai)  

M. Tech. Chemical Engineering (IIT Madras)  


Dr. Christopher Jones  

Dr. Pradeep Agrawal (co-advisor)  


Project Title

The role of heterogeneous catalysts in reducing coke formation during steam cracking  

Project Description

Olefins are produced industrially by steam cracking of ethane or naphtha. The major hurdle in the efficiency of this process is the coke formed during the reaction. Buildup of coke in the reactor reduces the yield of olefins and requires frequent shutdowns, increasing costs. Hence, reduction of coke formation is of significant importance.  

The main objective of this project is to synthesize novel catalyst materials to reduce the formation of coke due to radical reactions taking place in the homogeneous gas phase. A related objective would be for these catalytic materials to provide active sites for coke oxidation in regeneration cycles.


Aghalayam P., Mahamulkar S., Kumar A.; Achreja A. Analysis of non-idealities in stirred tank and baffled tubular reactors using CFD. International Journal of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, (2013). 4(1): 15-20.

Mahamulkar S. S., Achreja A., Kumar A., Aghalayam P., CFD – A virtual platform for teaching concepts in non-ideal chemical reactors, International Conference on Engineering Education: Innovative Practices and Future Trends (AICERA), Kerala, 2012, 1-2.

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Poor Little Rich Slum by Rashmi Bansal

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