Michael R. Morrill

pierrik62 [at] gmail.com
Current Position: 
Phillips 66 in Bartlesville,OK
Educational Background: 
Ph.D. ChBE 2013

Research Position

PhD Student

Educational Background

BS Chemistry Brigham Young University 2006

MS Chemical Engineering University of Utah 2008

PhD Chemical Engineering Georgia Institute of Technology 2013


Chris W. Jones

Pradeep K. Agrawal


Project Title

Mixed Alcohol Synthesis via CO Hydrogenation on Potassium Carbonate Promoted Molybdenum Sulfide Supported by Mg/Al Mixed Oxides



1. M. R. Morrill, N. T. Thao, P. K. Agrawal, C. W. Jones, R. J. Davis, H. Shou, D. G. Barton, D. Ferrari. Mixed MgAl Oxide Supported Potassium Promoted Molybdenum Sulfide as a Selective Catalyst for Higher Alcohol Synthesis from Syngas. Catal. Lett. 2012, 142, 875–881.


2. L. Li, M. R. Morrill, H. Shou, D. G. Barton, D. Ferrari, R. J. Davis, P. K. Agrawal, C. W. Jones, D. S. Sholl. On the Relationship between Mo K Edge Energies and DFT Computed Partial Charges. J. Phys. Chem. C. 2013, 117, 2769 – 2773.


3. M. R. Morrill. Origins of Unusual Alcohol Selectivities over Mixed MgAl Oxide Supported K/MoS2 Catalysts for Higher Alcohol Synthesis from Syngas. ACS Catal.2013, 3, 1665-1675.


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Teddy Roosevelt