Simon Pang

simon.pang [at]
ES&T 2314
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School of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology
311 Ferst Dr. NW
Atlanta, GA 30332-0100

Research Position

Educational Background
B.S. Chemical Engineering, Cornell University, 2009
Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder, 2014

J. Will Medlin (Ph.D.)
Christopher W. Jones and Ryan P. Lively (Postdoc)

Project Title
Hollow fiber sorbents for CO2 capture and acid-gas interactions with nanoporous solids


1. Pang, S. H., Han, C., Sholl, D. S., Jones, C. W., Lively, R. P. “Facet-Specific Stability of ZIF-8 in the Presence of Acid Gases Dissolved in Aqueous Solutions,” Chemistry of Materials 201628, 6960-6967.

2. Pang, S. H., Lien, C.-H., Medlin, J. W. “Control of Surface Alkyl Catalysis with Thiolate Monolayers,” Catalysis Science & Technology 20166, 2413-2418.

3. Pang, S. H., Jue, M. L., Leisen, J., Jones, C. W., Lively, R. P. “PIM-1 as a ‘Solution-Processable’ Molecular Basket for CO2 Capture from Dilute Sources,” ACS Macro Letters 20154, 1415-1419.

4. Pang, S. H., Medlin, J. W. “Controlling Catalytic Selectivity via Adsorbate Orientation on the Surface: From Furfural Deoxygenation to Reactions of Epoxides,” J. Physical Chemistry Letters 20156, 1348-1356.

5. Pang, S. H., Love, N. E., Medlin, J. W. “Synergistic Effects of Alloying and Thiolate Modification in Furfural Hydrogenation over Cu-Based Catalysts,” J. Physical Chemistry Letters 20145, 4110-4114.

6. Pang, S. H., Schoenbaum, C. A., Schwartz, D. K., Medlin, J. W. “Effects of Thiol Modifiers on the Kinetics of Furfural Hydrogenation over Pd Catalysts,” ACS Catalysis 20144, 3123-3131.

7. Pang, S. H., Schoenbaum, C. A., Schwartz, D. K., Medlin, J. W. “Directing Reaction Pathways by Catalyst Active-Site Selection using Self-Assembled Monolayers,” Nature Communications 20134 :2448.

8. Pang, S. H., Román, A. M., Medlin. J. W. “Adsorption Orientation Induced Selectivity Control of Reactions of Benzyl Alcohol,” J. Physical Chemistry C 2012116, 13654-13660.

9. Pang, S. H., Medlin, J. W. “Adsorption and Reaction of Furfural and Furfuryl Alcohol on Pd(111): Unique Reaction Pathways for Multifunctional Reagents,” ACS Catalysis 20111, 1272-1283.

Favorite sports team
Colorado Avalanche

Favorite TV show
30 Rock