Micaela Taborga Claure

Current Position: 
Exxon Mobil CSR
Educational Background: 
Ph.D. ChBE 2016

Educational Background:

B.S. Engineering Management from University of Arizona


Christopher W. Jones and Pradeep K. Agrawal

Project Title:

Conversion of Syngas into Higher Alcohols over Supported MoS2


Project Description

Supported and unsupported potassium carbonate promoted molybdenum sulfide catalyss will be used in CO hydrogenation reactions for the purpose of understanding effects of structural properties on alcohol selectivity and productivity. Catalyst structure will be characterized probed by TEM, XRD, and a variety of spectroscopic techniqes such as Raman FTIR, UV-vis, X-ray Photoelectron and X-ray Absorption Spectroscopies. Alcohol and olefin co-feed experiments will be employed to elucidate reaction pathways.



M. Taborga Claure, S.H. Chai, S. Dai, K.A. Unocic, F.M. Alamgir, P.K. Agrawal, C.W. Jones, "Tuning of Higher Alcohol Selectivity and Productivity in CO Hydrogenation Reactions over K/MoSDomains Supported on Mesoporous Activated Carbon and Mixed MgAl Oxide." J. Catal. (2015) 88-97.


M. Taborga Claure, M.R. Morrill, S.-H. Chai, S. Dai, P.K. Agrawal, C.W. Jones, "Insight into Reacton Pathways in CO Hydrogenation Reaction over K/MoS2 Supported Catalysts via Alcohol/Olefin Co-Feed Experiments."Catal. Sci. Technol. (2016) 6, 1957-1966.


W. P. Mounfield, III, M. Taborga Claure, P. K. Agrawal, C. W. Jones, K. S. Walton, “Synergistic Effect of Mixed Oxide on the Adsorption of Ammonia with Metal-Organic Frameworks.” Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. (2016) in press. ACS Editor's Choice.


T. Sulmonetti, S.H. Pang, M. Taborga Claure, S. Lee, D.A. Cullen, P.K. Agrawal, C.W. Jones, "Vapor Phase Hydrogenation of Furfural over Nickel Mixed Metal Oxide Catalysts Derived from Layered Double Hydroxides." Appl. Catal. A. Gen. (2016) 517, 187-195


Favorite Sports Team
Club Atlético Boca Juniors